DOCUMENTATION of group activities and joint exhibition
1. Joint Rangoli making for a neighbourhood celebration

We decided to oblige our neighbouring community group by making them some rangolis for their Shivaji Jayanti celebrations. It was a good opportunity for us to get some useful practice.

After making a rough diagram with chalk we set about filling the space with coloured powder and drawing patterns on top of it.

Curious onlookers Many hands, many colours, many patterns


2. Sand Sculpture on a Public Beach

The idea was to use our collective strength to make a large artistic piece in a public space and to use the opportunity to interact with a larger audience. To accomplish this it was decided to make a sand sculpture at a public beach.

The activity hoped to draw attention towards the pollution of the marine ecology by the garbage littered by tourists visiting the beach. The sculpture simply invited people to look at the environment with "new eyes" - to notice its pristine beauty and thus realize the responsibility of not littering it with waste.

Curious visitors gather around the sand sculpture in the process of being constructed. This activity was an attempt in using art to create a public dialogue. The sculpture attempted to draw attention towards issues concerning marine ecology.

It took many hands and hours of toil in the sun to pile up a four feet high compact sand block out of which the sculpture was shaped.

The completed sculpture, shaped as a fish with the eye acting as a peep-hole looking out to the sea.


3. Joint Exhibition

PUKAR had organised an event in which all the different youth groups got an opportunity to make presentations of their work at the end of the fellowship programme. The Kaushalya group presented their work in a joint exhibition of artworks.

This was the culmination of our year long research and experimentation: Rangoli colours were added to wax candles, zardozi designs were tried in glass paintings, mehendi patterns were used for metal etchings... a cross-fertilisation of creative styles and mediums was on display at the exhibition.

Each group member produced 4-6 pieces of work when they were required to do only one.
A variety of mediums and styles on display Guests and dignitaries closely inspect the intricate skills